Adrian Glasser Consulting


Adrian Glasser Consulting Services, LLC


My background and training is in the physiological optics of accommodation and presbyopia. Much of the consulting I do relates broadly to this field. I offer and provide consulting services to small and large companies and individuals with interests in accommodation and presbyopia and intraocular lenses.

Laboratory Studies

Ophthalmic surgery and dissection of human donor and animal eyes
Experience with capsulorhexis, phaco, IOL implantation
Testing of accommodative IOLs in human donor eyes and model eyes
Design and implementation of laboratory experiments
Assist in design and development of accommodative IOLs
Assist in development of accommodation restoration concepts
Design and implementation of research protocols for pre-clinical testing
Design and implementation of animal studies
Experience with animal anesthesia and sterile surgery

Clinical Studies

Clinical study design
Implementation of clinical studies
Experience with clinical instruments
Development of protocols for clinical data collection and analysis
Development of stimulus systems for accommodation testing
Training of clinical sites for accommodation testing
Collection, management, organization and archival of clinical study data
Analysis of clinical study data
Reviewing clinical study data
Preparing clinical study data for presentations
Presentation of clinical study data

Regulatory Experience

Member of Sponsor team for two FDA IOL PMA panel presentations
Extensive experience with regulatory affairs related to accommodation clinical studies
Participant and contributing member to ANSI accommodative IOL standard
Member of American Academy of Ophthalmology/FDA IOL taskforce (2014-2016)
Meetings with FDA
Pre-planning for FDA meetings or PMA panel presentations
Representing company interests to FDA
Presenting clinical data at FDA PMA panels

Other Experience

Service on Scientific Advisory Boards
Fundraising and meeting with investors
Public presentations, lecturing, teaching
Organizing and running Maker workshops
Matlab software programming proficiency
Develop software for data analysis
Develop software for image analysis
Develop software for hardware control
Design and fabrication of custom laboratory instruments
Computer aided design (CAD) software proficiency
3D printing and laser cutting proficiency
Microcontrollers, motors, sensors, basic electronics experience
Zemax/Optics Studio optical software experience
Optical design, testing and analysis
Experience with wavefront optics
Scientific writing
Website development