EnVision Workshop

EnVision Workshop

EnVision Workshop, August 15, 2015, Santa Ana, CA

The second EnVision Workshop was held at the Embassy Suites Hotel, Santa Ana, California. The workshop was organized in conjunction with Scott Evans from AMO. The workshop took place in the hotel ballroom with about 45 of the AMO Phaco and Inserter Group R&D team.

This was a one-day workshop to introduce the Arduino microcontroller, Arduino programming and the Processing programming language. A challenge was presented to the group to create a project that in some way addressed the general question of what one might do to build a device to help a blind person fill a cup of water without overfilling it using the supplies on hand. These included drinking straws, cardboard, tape, glue, cable ties, a variety of electronic components, servo motors, DC motors and pumps, and sensors such as force sensors, hall-effect sensors, IR break beam sensors, etc., and the Arduino Uno microcontroller. The participants were divided into 8 groups, each working at one table. At the end of the day all participants went around to each table to see a presentation of the final 'working' instrument.

EnVision Workshop 2015, Santa Ana, CA.
image 01

Getting things working
image 02

A room full of Makers
image 03

Arduino working hard
image 04

Cardboard and plastic cups
image 05

Arduino, masking tape and candies
image 06

Demonstrating the cup tipper
image 07

Movie of the cup tipper

Demonstrating the cup filler
image 08

Drinking straws, cardboard and Arduino
image 09

Well it worked earlier!
image 10

Final debugging
image 11

All in a day's work
image 12