EnVision Workshop

EnVision Workshop

Topics to be Covered

Topic 01: Introduction to the Maker Revolution

Topic 02: Resources and How to Find Them

Topic 03: Getting Started with Processing

Topic 04: The Arduino Uno R3 Microcontroller

Topic 05: Arduino Programming

Topic 06: Arduino Electronics Prototyping

Topic 07: DC, Servo and Stepper Motors

Topic 08: Arduino Control with Processing

Topic 09: Computer Aided Design (CAD)

Topic 10: 3D printing, laser cutting

Topic 11: Matlab: GUI Programming with GUIDE

Topic 12: Matlab: Working with Images

Topic 13: Matlab: Psychtoolbox

Topic 14: Matlab: Image Acquisition

Topic 15: Matlab: Real-time Image Processing

Topic 16: RS232 Serial Communication

Topic 17: Arduino control with Matlab

Topic 18: Putting it all Together